Transferring Funds via NetBanking to Dhan is now FREE

Transferring Funds via NetBanking to Dhan is now FREE

At Dhan we are building to ensure you have the most seamless experience for trading and investing. We ensure we are super transparent about everything we do - be it our feature launches, product roadmap, community feedback and even our pricing.

In pursuit of our endeavour to give you more, we have taken another step towards simplifying payments on Dhan. But before we can tell you more about that, let’s reiterate how you can transfer funds to your trading account. We accept 3 modes of payments on Dhan:

  • UPI
  • Netbanking
  • Smart Transfer (IMPS/NEFT/RTGS)

To make instant transfers to your trading account you can use UPI, Netbanking or IMPS. For NEFT & RTGS payments generally take some time and this varies from bank to bank as their settlement cycles are different. But of course with Smart Transfer we let you add up to INR 99.99 Lac to your Dhan account, we have written about this in our previous post: New Feature Announcement: Smart Fund Transfer on Dhan

Now coming to what’s new for you - Up until now you could transfer funds to Dhan using any of the above methods, except net banking, for FREE and at no extra cost.

Netbanking transactions were being charged at Rs. 10 + GST per transaction. We are happy to announce that going forward we have decided to slash these charges. Yes, transfers made using NetBanking are now completely free of cost only on Dhan!

With this, we possibly are the only stockbroking platform in the industry on which all payment modes are free. And of course, again possibly the only platform that allows you Fast Withdrawals, where money from your trading account is credited to your bank in just minutes.

We love making Dhan awesome for you. Keep trading on Dhan and do let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.



Fund withdrawals are faster with Dhan. I made a withdrawal request at 1409 today, and got credited in account at 1702- (3hrs). That was indeed lightning fast.

This will be in few minutes going forward. We are bringing fast withdrawals to Dhan by next week.


Well, things are different with Dhan, in a good way.

Hi @ronin

Hope you experienced the fast withdrawals on Dhan, its live now: Now Live: Fast Withdrawals on Dhan

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yes. true to the word. Dhan delivers.

I am trying to add the dhan account details in kotak netbanking and its asking the Dhan bank account is Savings or Current accont. What should I opt? Savings or Current?

Hi @Neeraj1, You can add this as a current account. This is a virtual account that is addressed to you specifically for transfer of funds.

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