UI request - new charts

Hi Dhan Team,

I’ve already shared this feedback via email. Thought to share it in community as well.

I’m a quick price-action based scalper and need charts like Groww (screenshot attached).

I see charts on Groww app and execute orders on Dhan. (I rarely use technical charts or indicators)

These Groww charts are the best for price-action traders. Don’t know what chart technology they use but did not find such charts in any other broker app.

Also, please check out these charts during the live market hours. It’s on-chart data point movements is the best.

Kindly add such chart technology into the Dhan app soon.

I feel now only this particular feature is missing in Dhan app.


Hi @pratik01, not sure I got what you are saying here. Dhan has similar 1-day chart as well, and most users we spoke with who are price-action scalpers - execute orders directly on the full-screen charts on Dhan with Instant Orders enabled. Let know what is missing.


I mean, I don’t want to visit/use technical indicator charts. Such price-action charts should be available directly under each contract (for me nifty/bank nifty).

You can use line charts without any technical indicators.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I already know this dude.

I want these charts to display directly under each stock/contract without needing to open technical chart/indicator. This is what Groww does best. (Check their app).

I use Groww charts for visualisation and execute orders on Dhan.

I was expecting Dhan to incorporate such charts. It’s fine but I can manage and switch within both the apps.