Unnecessary calls

I switched from Fyers during April 2022 to Dhan… From then onwards I am receiving so much calls and SMS from so many Advisory persons and many spam calls .
Earlier, I was receiving these type of calls once in a while. Now I am receing daily. I am frustrated.

Is Dhan team has any explanation for this?

That is true, I am receiving daily call from advisory after joining dhan, Data seems shared with third party so we are getting calls and sms, I will be raise concern with Score and NSE regarding this.


Yes Mr.Root. Our data being shared somebody. Dhan has to take care of this problem. Some leakage is there. I never received these many calls from advisories.


You’re Absolutely right, We may have to rise the concern to higher authority.

Ok Sir . Definitely.

@PSR , @Root Its not happening with me! I don’t think they share anything isn’t it, @PravinJ ?

Sir, It’s happening even today. Hence I reported the issue. I am having much enthusiasm on Dhan.

We are very clear about this from day 1:

No Spam. No Calls. No Promotional SMS. No Relationship Managers. No Trade Advice. No Data Sharing.

And have written about this right when we started: Building Dhan as Investor First Platform | Dhan

Ok Mr. Pravin ji. If not I am much happy. I received so many calls. So, as a trader of Dhan, it’s my duty what I observed. There is no other intentions of reporting this in the community.
Thank you.


We always take criticism about Dhan app positively and work on that. Feedback and suggestions are most welcome, that’s what is helping us build a much superior product. If you will notice, we rarely delete any posts from here - unless personal information or abusive.

We have been very clear about what we will do and will never do, user privacy and confidentiality comes as a default choice for us.

However, there are always incidents of such - from what I am aware as most common practice, it is usually where third party apps on user’s phone have access to your contacts and messages, which end up reading messages from exchanges, depositories, brokers and after that these get shared and then users end up thinking it is stock broking apps that pass the information. Infact, that is how most advertising networks classify users for targeting advts.

Yes i am completely agree with you no such call and sms after opening account with Dhan
Previous happened same with me while opening account with other broker

Hi Pravin ji, Thanks for the clarification.

Yes. I understand. Thanks.