Upcoming Features on Dhan: for September & October

Hi Everyone,

Dhan keeps getting better everyday!

Thank you, because this is only possible for all the feedback, suggestions, conversations, notes, complaints - and everything good or bad that you have mentioned to us in our journey to bring to you the best possible trading & investing experience in India. By now you know that we are building Dhan as a technology first platform along with incredible product experience that is backed with awesome customer service.

For next, we are picking up some BIG features that will be rolled out to you over September & October, we feel few of them will possibly be in late October or early November. Here is what is coming to you on Dhan in next 2-3 months:

What about the features we promised, and not yet delivered?

It’s work in progress, we are running behind scheduled on that - but we will make this up soon. The ones that will come up are following:

There are many features that our users have asked us to enhance on and we are of course on it. Some of them are - improvements on chart loading for long time frames, more data in P&L statements, and few more. You will see that too.

Are there more, yes. There are always surprises from Dhan, many small & incremental features will be launched to make your trading & investing experience - awesome!

By the way, just to recollect for everyone - June, July & August were exciting months, we shipped many incredible features to Dhan - the list is long, but let me sum up few important ones:

Wait, wait - you didn’t mention Mutual Funds. Yes, this is on cards and we have started our ground work on this.

Keep Investing & Trading on Dhan.


Awesome upcoming features!!

Eagerly waiting…



Hi @PravinJ ,

  • Real-time Technicals (why make trading decisions based on data from yesterday?)

While discussing about data, I would like to suggest that if you can also make a Single Page For Futures & Options Summery Focusing On Highlights (rather than two separate individual pages with data dump) would be a great meaningful feature to have.


Really exciting by Dhan. My best trading app. I was a fan of Zerodha. But now it is Dhan.

Continuously making profit in option trading using Dhan options app.

Who are super traders? As mentioned for getting option strategy builder for free? Is there any requirements to become super trader category.


@PravinJ NRI accounts that all top brokers currently support would also be a welcome addition. Just a gentle reminder :slightly_smiling_face:

In order placement experience Can we add reference order feature where if spot hit a specific price place an order at a specific price in derivate? There can be many use cases where this can be used. Just a feedback .

What would be the interest rate on mtf p.a

Hope to see improvements in open interest bar charts and inclusion of weekly options there too…

Thanks for you kind words @jinsasajas. Will write more on this more when we launch the Options Trader on web.

Automated Trading Journal (on web & app) :+1::+1::+1:

Options Strategy Builder on web (best possible experience Options Strategy builder, and yes - free for Dhan super traders) :+1::+1::+1:
ह्यात आम्ही आमच्या स्वतःच्या स्ट्रॅटेजी बनवू शकतो का? त्यांचे पे ऑफ ग्राफ आणि Possibilities Of Profit दिसेल का? पेपर ट्रेड करता येईल का?

Trader Controls (many first in industry trader controls - tools that help you stay in control. Specially to avoid overtrading & losses) :+1::+1::+1:

Massive Updates to Order Placement Experience** (we know you love our order placement flow, this will be incredibly better) :+1::+1::+1:

१) चार्टवर 25मिन, 3महिने, 6महिने, 12महिन्यांची TF उपलब्ध करुन देण्यात यावी.

२) STRIKE PRICE च्या चार्टवर 1दिवस, 1आठवडा, 1महिन्याची TF उपलब्ध करुन देण्यात यावी.

३) व्यवस्थित काम करणारं PRICE ALERT फिचर तेपण डायरेक्ट चार्टवरून.

४) TV+DHAN ची वॉटचलिस्टमध्ये अरेंजमेंट A-Z, Z-A; WATCHLIST मध्ये SECTONS बनवता यायला हवेत.

५) डायरेक्ट चार्टवरून स्टॉक WATCHLIST मध्ये ADD करताना बनवलेल्या WATCHLIST सुद्धा ADD TO WATCHLIST मध्ये दिसायला हव्यात.

६) DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY TF ला COUNTDOWN TO BAR CLOSE उपलब्ध करून देण्यात यावे.

येणाऱ्या अपडेटमध्ये वरील गोष्टी सुध्दा तुम्ही ऍड करताल ही अपेक्षा… कारण १) आणि ३) साठी Trading view चं subscription घ्यावं लागतंय.

२) साठी fyers वापरावं लागतंय.

Hii @PravinJ
mStock is offering E-Margin option at 8%. Please don’t charge more than this. I am a swing trader. I only mean good E-Margin deal.

I was trading in Angel Broking with the help of E-Margin for a long time. Now I do in Mstock because they give good E-Margin deal.

Your broker is good, I want to shift here but without E-Margin it is not possible. Please get the best deal on E-Margin from mStock.

mStock charges 1000 and does not charge lifetime brokerage and is also very cheap to pledge.

Yes, I know you have been hinting on this for a very long time and there have been 2-3 threads on this community also for NRI accounts. At this moment we just want to continuously improve on the core trading & investing experience… so will focus.

When we do new features, we also get feedback and suggestions from users immediately to enhance them. So we will go with flow now, but as and when we find time to pick NRI accounts - we will for sure.

Noted, while we follow everything that happens in our industry and are aware of this. As a business, it does not make sense for us (or rather anyone) to offer interest rates of 8%. If we as a business have to earn that much, we will rather do a fixed deposit ourselves, or invest in good corporate bonds for even higher returns. And many of these platforms actually use outsourced products, platforms and integrations… while we invest a lot of resources in technology, product & customer service.

At Dhan we have taken a conscious call that we will never ever compete on prices. Instead give incredibly high value to our users. Some platforms compete only on prices, and we at Dhan choose to build incredibly better products for investing & trading.


Can you please explain about what exactly automated trading journal is?

Ok noted. Thanks @PravinJ.

For now we are just keeping it as Trading Journal (to avoid confusion), but we plan to fill in some notes in that based on daily trades. They will be editable.


एकदम बरोबर… आणि ट्रेलिंग स्टॉप लॉस चार्ट वरून वर सरकवताना प्रत्येक वेळेस price मध्ये बदल करावा लागत आहे, जशी स्टॉप लॉस ची लाइन वर सरकवू तसा बदल आपोआप झाला पाहिजे, अशी सुविधा zerodha मध्ये आहे .


Hi @GTFtrader ,

Welcome to the Dhan community :smiley:

We have noted your feedback. :+1:

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@PravinJ @Naman
Hi Team,
Dhan is the best platform for trading and investing without a doubt and now it is getting more popular. While using this app I need to highlight some points that I feel are required so I am just suggesting a few points so anyone who is a Dhan user can benefit from it.

  1. If possible Add Quarterly, Half yearly and Yearly timeframes which is necessary for deep top down approach.
  2. If possible add the GTF demand and supply indicator which is now currently available only on trading view platform, because every time we need to login a separate window for this indicator and there is no custom timeframe available for trading view.
  3. For option traders there is no specific strategy builder option available which is very much essential in option traders point of view

Hope you will consider this suggestion

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