Upcoming Features on Dhan: for September & October

Hi @Amol

Welcome to the Dhan community and thank you for your kind words on our trading platform. We build a lot of things based on what our users tells us and all these suggestions get noted with us.

On 1: We have this feedback from couple of users. At this point of time we want to keep monitoring the performance of our charts and make them more faster. Last time we had added a higher time frame - 75 m / 125 m: it resulted in slow load times for these time frames. We recently upgraded that experience (just last week) and now continue to monitor the performance. We want to add new features and capabilities, but also want to ensure the seamless and lightning fast experience continues at all times. For now, I am noting this feedback.

On 2: Will check this out as well. Its first time we have received this request.

On 3: Noted. We are building an incredible Options Strategy Builder on Dhan (first on web). This is already in works, and we hope to ship the same - as mentioned in this post before end of October.

Thanks again for your suggestions Amol. Keep your trading experience with Dhan :slight_smile:


Can we expect Technical indications like EMA Cross, in upcoming Features?

Thank you for your kind words @narenkram. Welcome to Dhan :slight_smile:

Hi @Tarachand

Welcome to Dhan community. Yes you can expect that, when we start working towards this - we will keep you posted. Most of our features are built on user’s requests and suggestions.

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Wow.! What a great platform and what a great team. Thanks @PravinJ for Quick reply.

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29 ऑगस्ट, 2022 bajaj finance तुम्ही अजूनही चार्टची सुधारणा केलेली दिसत नाहीये.
ऑफलाइन मध्ये आमचा अनॅलिसिस चुकला, लॉस झाला त्याला जबाबदार कोण?

tradingview आणि dhan + tv च्या चार्टचे screenshot पाठवलेत, dhan मध्ये नेहमीप्रमाणेच चुकीचा डेटा दाखवत आहे.
बहुदा आम्ही लवकरात लवकर धन सोडावं असं तुम्हाला मनापासून वाटत आहे!!!

Hi @nnJhavarePatil Data is correct for Bajaj Finance. Which timeframe are you checking for, daily candle for 29 august matches with exchange data.

मार्केट सुरूझाल्यावर 3-4 रीफ्रेश केल्यावर कॅन्डल व्यवस्थित दिसायला लागली.
पण तुमचा हा प्रॉब्लेम मी स्वतःतर अनेकदा दाखवून दिल आहे, त्याचबरोबर इतर लोकांनिसुद्धा दाखवून दिला आहे.

अलर्ट फिचर लैच बेक्कार आहे, बजाज फायनान्समध्ये 7280 चा अलर्ट लावला आहे, सेट केल्याकेल्या लगेच अलर्ट वाजला… ऑफलाईन चार्टचा प्रॉब्लेम, अलर्टचा प्रॉब्लेम!!!

Reduce over trading & losses, First thing is required a option for Freeze Capital / Set the amount limit for the day.
Doth Dhan app providing option trading now, my suggestion is allow option trading
only in Dhan Option Trader app and capital separate in each account.
If have more money in account chance for over trading and make loss.

Hi @PravinJ ,

  • Options Strategy Builder on web (best possible experience Options Strategy builder, and yes - free for Dhan super traders)

Instead of thinking this as Options Strategy Builder feature, if you can make it to a dedicated online web platform built for options trading only (like OptionsTrader mobile app) to give Top Notch Options Trading Experience, it would be super awesome!



Yes, that’s what is coming. Strategy builder with dedicated Options Trading platform.

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Hi can you please remove this icon near trader’s control. I personally feel like icon is not needed here.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Naman @Dhan_Help @Dhan
tv + dhan च्या watchlist मध्ये stocks A TO Z आणि Z TO A (ALPHABETICALLY) arrange होत नाही.
ह्यावरील updates नक्की कोणत्या महिन्याचा मुहूर्त शोधलाय?

अत्यंत बेसिक आणि गरजेची गोष्ट आहे जी कोणताही ब्रोकर सुरुवातीलाच देतो पण @Dhan कडे मात्र ह्यासाठी वारंवार मागणी करावी लागते!!!

Hi @nnJhavarePatil

I understand this is a basic feature, but its not an easy one for us to build. If you do a mouse-over on any of the scrips in watchlist - you will see the scrips are integrated as NSEE28373:Name, something. This is core trading platform integration and will disturb a lot of things.

We have made a note of this, and will pick this up when we have bit extra time to do the changes. We usually do not disturb core trading engines and integrations. But yes, it will take time.


I love this icon , i feel like lion while trading

Hi @PravinJ ,
When can we expect MTF and how much would u be charging for it? Will it be 18% PA like many brokers or will yours be more affordable?…

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all features are good . kkep going dhan mostly become number 1 broker in no time

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Hi @doctorvettri

MTF is in the works, thankfully till now we have always delivered > 90% of our features in time when we promise our users. So yes, it is in next 6-8 weeks and before end of October. We haven’t confirmed on the pricing of this yet, but can assure you it will be better on interest rates (we are working this out, its cost of funds that matter) and also much better on the experience.

ps: And 18% is low, I have seen 24% and beyond as well :stuck_out_tongue:

An icon next to instrument name to show its in watchlist, holdings should be a nice addition.