Watch list sorting bug

Watch list sorting is wrong. Instead of company name show TICKER symbol in watch list. Is there any limit for number of items to be added in watch list?

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@PravinJ One more bug…Yesterday I created a watchlist and go on adding nearly 153 script I havent got any error or warning message. But today morning if I check it show only 100 items. Atleast try to give error/warning message once it reaches max limit

@dhantrade this is odd, will have it checked immediately. Thanks for highlighting this.

Technically we can have unlimited stocks in the watchlist, but it hampers performance. Which is the reason we have done 10 Watchlists x 100 Scrips per list. I guess 1000 scrips is good enough for anyone to use.

Will fix the issue you mentioned.

@dhantrade just confirming, you got this on the mobile app? Let know.

No on tv webplatform.

Thanks for listening. Now I understood max limit per watchlist is 100. Give warning/error message whenever it crosses > 100, so user stop adding more.

but 250 is a good number because I track
Nifty large and midcap index, midcap 150, smallcap 250 etc…

Hi @dhantrade
Yes, we will limit or give error message when adding more than 100 scrips in watchlist. You point is noted.