Watchlist Need Customization

The watchlist can’t be saved in a sorted form. When we click the Name tab at the bottom the list arranges from A-Z and Z-A but then the ascending order or descending order is not saved. After a logout, it again goes back to the same mode, as when the stocks were added to the watchlist. Kindly look into this on an urgent basis. I had called the customer care to know how to do the needful, when the officer told me that this feature is absent presently, hence posting on the community.

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Hi @dexter
Thanks for highlighting. We will look into this and do the needful.

Thank you for your positive response, Sir. One more aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is that while adding a stock to the watchlist, One has to search a particular stock in the search field and then click the Yellow Add button. This is a case with each stock to be added to the list. Similarly need to replicate these steps for 50 stocks in a list so 50X4 (4 Watchlists). Isn’t this time-consuming?

Also, why is there a need for a mouse click on the add button when even pressing an ENTER key should do the needful? The competitors are already way ahead in this department since inception.

Kindly look into this and make the task a cakewalk. That surely will make retail traders like me happy. Looking forward to the implementation of this feature.

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Also, there has to be an option to import the CSV file to form the desired watchlist instead of the monotonous entry of each stock, which will allow the user to take the maximum benefit of the exceptional 10 watchlists which only dhan provides

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वॉटचलिस्टचा issue मी ह्याआधी पण बऱ्याचदा सांगितला आहे.

Yes I have also requested for importing CSV file, that is one of the reason I have subscribed to premium version of trading view. If Dhan could do it, it would be great

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So by any chance did you check if this could be done? Adding list of stocks into a watchlist using .CSV file?

Hi @Naman Please consider this feature as important and try to bring it as soon as possible you can make it like if some one wants to view list in ascending order as per the script name then it should always be in ascending order I have to change it on daily bases as it will be easily to search the stock in ascending order instead of shuffled one as currently first in first show is used as default list type @Dhan

@Naman @PravinJ Sir, you have assured of getting new features but a simple feature requested at the beginning of this thread which is more than 2 months ago is yet not implemented. It’s a simple sorting of the Watchlists which has to be provided as we keep adding and deleting stocks to the watchlists and searching that particular stock becomes a hassle due to no sorting A-Z OR Z-A. It’s the easiest part for you and I am sure many will be having this problem and will be happy to get the solution to this small but useful feature.

Request you to prioritize this with your developers and provide a timeline for implementation. It is nothing revolutionary we are asking. Please get this incorporated.

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INVESTED watchlist isnt shown on Web.TV.

Kindly add it there as well

Hi @dexter,

Have noted this. Its small but, isn’t that simple - we will have to implement many changes on our side to ensure we build a personalisation layer across all users. I agree this is useful, will try to prioritise this one.

For now we are keeping users updated on what we are working on: Upcoming Features on Dhan: for May & June 2022 - #19

A feature that I keep seeking over and over again on Dhan TV terminal is the ability to add sections to the watchlist over there.
Have gotten used to the same on TV charts and its somewhat frustrating that I keep pressing the right click in the watchlist section, only to later remember that the feature is not available yet. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
It’d be great if you guys could add it to your roadmap and introduce it in the near future.


Hi @dexter @nnJhavarePatil @Vignesh_N

Minor updates to watchlists that will make things simpler: Now you can drag and drop scrips on watchlists and arrange them easily.

More is coming!


Thank you so much, Sir, for the confirmation that something in the feature suggested is in process.

Will surely check the new functionality. We want Dhan to be exceptional in every aspect.

I have checked both on the web platform and app the ascending and descending order in which the watchlist can be arranged after a few clicks on Name^ on each watchlist separately isn’t saved for a fresh session after logout. There is still a dire need to fix the saving of the list in the A-Z/Z-A order in the Manage Button. It becomes tedious to sort the list every now and then. It is natural for everyone to have a list which is either in ascending or descending order, but then this setting should get saved forever until changed just the way we choose the dark or light mode.

Hope you will look into this again with your smart developers to plug this issue once and for all.
Regards :pray:


Sir, is there any way you can add a functionality to import stocks in the text files into watchlists?

This is important as the list of stocks which are to be kept on radar can be copied from some excel to text file and the text file can be imported as a fresh watchlist making tracking of list of stock easy instead of manually adding each stock. Even the trading view with dhan lacks the functionality of importing the watchlist which the pro plan has.

Request you to look into this and arrange to incorporate the feature. Dhanywad :pray:

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