Web Design especially bootstrap grid of web.dhan.co

Dear Dhan Technical Team,

Please give some thorough checking of the web designing of web.dhan.co website, grid display, it is not responsive, if we are trying to minimize the site, DISPLAY not properly aligned. If we trying to work on reduced screen size, grid boxes starts overlapping each other. This is a very basic thing please get it fixed.

@PravinJ @Poornima

Dhan website is designed and optimised for a full-screen view. For mobile screens, we always suggest using mobile apps.

any plans for iPad release ?

Right now no. The focus is on upcoming feature releases.

We will let you know if we plan on bringing it.

We have an ongoing conversation around ipad app by our community members, request you to please use the relevant posts to post your feedback as it will help you to access easily in the future as well.