What is meaning of gaming/virtual trading?

Hi team - I read a tweet from @PravinJ regarding NSE’s restriction on gaming/virtual trading based on stock data.

What does this mean? Please give few examples of restricted scenarios.

Also, does paper trading apps/software fall in this category?

Let us know!

There is one called Trinkerr ( social trading platform) can place orders in F and O with real time quotes. I guess these kinds are banned now .

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@pratik01 @pavz In 2014-15, NSE issued a circular to TMs (brokers) stating that their data could only be used from authorized sources and for internal purposes. As the term “internal purposes” was vague, some TMs started using the data to create stock market games, paper trading, and copy trading. Some also used this data, via the sub-broker route, to create “dabba” trading apps using the same data sources.

It is prohibited to create virtual trading apps using real-time data. However, for virtual trading, they use one-minute delayed data to comply with SEBI and NSE regulations.


Hi - Is the 1 minute delayed data also can be used for gaming apps too? What are the rules around it? @iamshrimohan pls share details around this too.