What should we do today

Dear Team.
What should we do now. My Open Position is in big loss now. Still you have not squareoff my position.
What should we do now. Should we squareoff by ourself or you will squareoff and compensate the money. No one is listining now. I have emailed even before market opens.

Hi @Thestoploss There is in influx of queries at our support teams, if you have sent details to us on help@dhan.co, our teams will reach out to you.

So, Do we need to close potion by ourself now our wait for Dhan team to contact me. My Position is still running in loss.

Hi @Thestoploss

If it’s a normal position request you to please squareoff by yourself. We have already squaredoff the intraday open positions that was visible for few users.

Total capital wiped out and having 14k negative. Alance