What's New on Dhan - Personal Statistics

Our new app release on Dhan has many new features - small & big, and you will now hear from us a little more frequently than before on the new product related announcements. And the theme of announcements will split in many - better experience on investing & trading, decision making insights and enablers, and also safety and security of your Dhan trading account.

Introducing Personal Statistics on Dhan

You know by now, we are building Dhan for long term investors and super traders. Both call on us to have a long term relationship with you, and we are preparing ourselves for that engagement as a team and also with Dhan as a product & customer experience.

This time, we are now introducing your Personal Statistics on Dhan - nicely put together (and in numbers) to tell you about your investing & trading journey on Dhan.

I personally think this feature is better shown than written, so here is a quick glance for you below :point_down:

To put simply you will be able to track on this your relationship with Dhan, when it started and how it is going.

Of course it will have all your transaction summary, trade value by exchange (BSE, NSE or MCX), by segment (Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Options) - together or individually.

Few things you should know - personal stats just show transactions that are executed on exchanges via Dhan. Before you ask us, it will have IPOs soon.

Do check this small feature that has been made by us with lots of love. :slight_smile:

As always, your feedback is most welcome. :metal:


Lovelyโ€ฆ Grete. Keep it up.

Plz add below features in Web platform -

  1. Saving of Chart Layout
  2. Chart Refresh icon/option
  3. Countdown timer for candles
  4. Basket Order
  5. 1 Click Exit position

Incorporate above features on Priority till u launch of full falged Trading view platform.

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Hi @9860006598 Sandip
We have already made all the feature request you made here. Today we have updated our Basket Orders as well. Please check it out here.

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