What's the issue today app and web also not open... something error is happening

#request-attention What’s the issue today app and web also not open… something error…

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@Manoj-25 All the platforms are working now. Please login now. Do let us know if you face any issues.

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@shraddha @PravinJD still unable to modify or cancel the orders.pls check
And,. there no communications whenever there are downtimes…even after repeated requests…Communication is the key


i can login but still web application is very slow not showing the margin details in F&O

not able to place option orders… please do somthing…trying from 9:15 morning

hey shraddha… please have look… not able to place order…

@amrut456 We are checking this. I will keep you updated

Just because of your guys shit i lost all my money. Never seen such a scam brokers.

@shraddha, Madam,

While I also faced similar issue of not able to open desktop web page of Dhan, besides this, none of my yesterday’s and today’s executed Orders are showing Exchange Traded time. I find everywhere in the report of your website giving my order placement time and not Order Execution time. This is something serious you have to look into as customers very well know when they have placed order.

It is the time of execution which is more important.

And for this I have to dwelve deep into you order details page but here also yesterday and today it has stopped showing Order Execution Time. I attach herewith a screenshot highlighted in Red Box for your ready reference.

Thank you for sharing the feedback. We understand how important every second is for a trader when it comes to order execution. We will look into how we can improve this.

It seems you have not understood my query and casually replied. The query is regarding Exchange Trade Time which was already there till software bug at your end developed during last three four days when sudden trading volume increased and this needs to be restored. So the question is not how you can improve the same.

@anilpalan Apologies for the miscommunication. Thanks for highlighting this, we have identified it & are already working on fixing it.

Sorry to ask but as today is an expiry can we take or carry position after 3 pm please confirm

Not taking position after 3pm

Thanks Madam, Seven Days have passed since your reply and still waiting for getting the issue fixed. What customer wants is not the Order input time which is of no relevance, but trade execution time to monitor as to when the trade was taken and how the price has moved since the trade execution. In the absence of updates in your system I have to look the next day’s Contract Note and from their maintain a separate Excel File for monitoring the price movement since my execution. Hope your Team looks into and updates your system as it was earlier.

The second issue I am facing since your few updates in the last few days is that the Open Interest which is showing blank, I have removed and updated with Dhan Open Interest which you have added. But to my surprise every day morning I see the same Open Interest Indicator which is blank and have to update to Dhan Open Interest. This despite my regularly saving my Chart Page.

I request you to look into and a copy of this message is also endorsed to Shri @PravinJ Sir for his information and necessary action.

Hi @anilpalan

Understood your requirement for order execution time. We will share it with our team to review.

We will highlight the Dhan Open Interest case to check for the root cause and get back to you.

Hi @Divyesh

The matter of order execution time is now solved by your Team and thanks for the same. As informed earlier for the present the Dhan Open Interest case is also solved.