Where is my money

Where is my remaining 1200 rs, who took it ? I withdrawn 28800 rs of 30000 rs, remaining not showing .
I didn’t take any trades

Hi @dsc

We have processed this payout to your bank account on 10th september, since it was on weekend and a bank holiday, it should be credited to your bank account by EOD. You may also check Dhan ledger to confirm about the same.

Please write to us at help@dhan.co incase of further queries.

What is ’ payout towards ’

Hi @dsc,

This is Payout towards Running account settlement, wherein unused funds are transferred back to Clint account.

As per regulator guidelines, all brokers transfer back funds to a client’s account if there have been no trades for a period of 30 days. For new accounts, this is 30 days from account opening. Also, for clients who are trading on a regular basis, settlement needs to be done at least once in 90 days.

Hope this helps. Feel free to call us at 022 48906273 or Chat directly from the CS section of App / Website to get real time responses to any query.

Jay K.
Head - Customer Support