Why is the customer service guy asking for PAN number?

Why is the customer service guy asking for PAN number?

When asked about new account activation?

I already have accounts with other brokers. But, this is the first time one has asked for a critical information to answer my question or verify my profile.

Are you guys showing a users critical information publicly to your customer service representatives?

Not just brokers, no one else will ask for the full details while verification. They will just ask for last 4 digits or so.

If you guys are making users critical information available to each & everyone without masking it. It could cause issues to users identity etc.

There should be some hierarchy about who can see the users critical financial information.

It shouldn’t be made visible to each & everyone.

If you need to make it visible for the proper functioning, at least use some security protocols for the safety of users. Mask at least some part of the details & show the remaining for verification purposes etc.


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Thanks for highlighting and sharing your feedback. We will review this with the team and change as required.

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