Why sensex option trading and mutual funds are not available on dhan?

Its been ages now you are promising about mutual funds now expiries are getting thrilling we need sensex too

Hi @omkar

Good to see you on the Community.

For Sensex Options Trading, we are still evaluating andntracking the volumes on BANKEX and SENSEX30 both, and will implement when feasible.

Mutual Funds are being worked on, request you to keep a tab on the community for any further announcements.

Currently only one broker has Sensex and Bankex trading, it’s only after all brokers start provide trading on these then only volumes will pickup. Request you to please start this asap.

I have been waiting for mutual fund for so long now. My trading capital is in mutual funds only, I pledge it and do trading on that. Request you to please start mutual funds asap.

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i think NSE is paying other brokers not to add sensex options . otherwise it doesn’t take time to add . volume is already good enough


Hey @dsc, nope this is incorrect. If stock broking platforms are super regulated, then exchanges are 100 times more regulated. They can’t even imaging paying brokers to do such things like blocking out their competition, what we or any regulated entity does - is pretty much all defined by the regulations and guidelines.