Will you take responsibility if glitches happened from your end...?

I am a influencer … i also trade in dhan… today finvasia users facing huge losses because of the glitch they are unable to close their positions. Customer support numbers down … people are panic since morning because of carrying huge losses…

What if you do when it happens in dhan platform…

Will you take responsibility to refund the loss because it’s your fault…?

Please let me know us… we don’t wanna lose our hard earned money because of broker.



@Jp007 Brokerage firms depend on different suppliers to provide assistance and services. We make every effort to promptly resolve any problems and conduct a root cause analysis to prevent their recurrence. Based on my experience, I can confidently assert that no one is completely immune to technical difficulties. On several occasions, technical issues have occurred not at the broker’s location but at the exchange. Technical glitches are a universal challenge faced by traders worldwide, not just in India.

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Any idea what went wrong with the other broker today? Is there any lesson Dhan can learn from this fiasco and take possible precautions?

Update from Finvasia

@iamshrimohan @PravinJ ,

Can Dhan provide any SLA like Amazon AWS, industry first?


One thing good in DHAN , there has been couple of outages but not major ones as per my knowledge.

2 years on and this kind of transparency and feature additions are commendable, but yeah as Pravin said the number of traders is more than 2L on DHAN now. Stability is the key now !

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Advise from a Veteran,


Soonya is not that bad platform as you think… my friend using it from last one year it works smoothly. no such things happened… yesterday happened but now they are asking their customers send their improper positions data…

They were agreed,
Yesterday’s glitch P&L not actual once and it’s just frontend reflected data…

Here Dhan also accepting that we are not responsible glitch losses…

No one will take care of their system mistakes , but customer will face losses.

Is there any sort of insurance available which protects the users against system errors and technical glitches from the brokers/excahnge side?

Good idea. !

But i guess Insurance will be sky high and very difficult for the retailer to prove . nothing is straight forward here . Broker → NSE → Retailer. :roll_eyes:

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Well, I had coined such idea to Dhan a long before…

Meanwhile, NSE do have Investor Protection Fund, but not sure about smoothness of the process and eligibility for any claim.