Bank account addition

@Dhan Currently you are allowing fund addition only from the savings bank account where almost every other broker allows find addition through individual current account also. Is there any reason y u r not allowing fund addition from current acc? Or if u r planning to imply, when it will be live?

Hi, no plans as of now for enabling current accounts on Dhan.

Not sure why would anyone as an individual have a current account? This is first time I hear of this. Generally curious, what’s the reason to opt for same - just for understanding.

Hi Sir,

I had pooled funds from my funds and do intraday trading in their behalf and the bank had advised not to do business transactions from savings account. So I had opened current acc and it would be easy if I link current acc to the demat account.

It may be new to you but almost all the top brokers had already implemented this.

Every bank has an individual current acc type fyi.