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We want to build Dhan with you. Share and discuss about features you would like to see on Dhan.


We need a drag and place of stop loss and target in the trading view. I felt this is the miss in the web app. It will help in trailing the position. Not to compare but Fyres (trading view ) has the feature similar as in the actual trading view.


Hi Dhan team , good to see there is a community page for raising feature request . I am trader and You Tuber , I have been using dhan for more then a week and have not faced any issue . there are lot of interesting features . Can we get a better way to check P&L statement , currently it comes to the email . but an option to view it in a graphical format day wise can be good .

1 Option pay off graph
2 Thinkorswim type / gocharting like option strategy builder with paper trading feature
3 GTT Sell order option is required as GTT buy orders.
4 Backtesting module
5 Market feeds API for algo trading
6 Options API for option greeks, multi leg strategy.
7 cover order is reqd in case options Trigger orders, which will help us to place SL and. TSL order once Trigger order is Triggered.
8 API documentation is very less compared to other brokers ,sample codes to be updated in documentation.
9. Trading view premium feature on discounted chargeable basis , so that Pinescript can be used for custom indicators and strategy.
10. Custom notification for trade execution.So that cutomised notification will alert that trade is executed.Presently all notification alerts are from same broadcast hence we cant modify notification sound for trade executed msgs.This is very useful and easy to implement also.


@Dhan Bracket Order (where Entry Exit and StopLoss can be placed) for Equity implementation for swing trades will be very helpful for swing traders, this feature is available in trading view (Time in force) where we can select how long the order can be valid, please check if same thing could be implemented in Dhan TV .



On Dhan Tradingview

  1. Just give an option to adjust price of dividends on charts like Tradingview.
  2. Nifty and Banknifty Continuous future chart for intraday.
  3. there are pre-defined watchlist but give us an option to add that watchlist to the watchlist column so that we can add or remove stocks from that.
  4. Price alerts on charts itself.

Above all 1st point is very important. Atleast please provide that ASAP.

Not comparing with anyone but UI of zerodha kite is unbeatable and super smooth. I am looking for an app with similar UI of kite but with features of dhan. Dhan is unbeatable in terms of features. Dhan UI is not appealing and looks like generic. I used paytmmoney (co. with poor customer care support) and dhan looks similar in terms of UI, which is of course not my cup of tea.
I hope dhan will work on UI by keeping existing features. Because I want dhan to look premium and smooth. Best wishes for dhan…

Hi guys dhan definitely doing a great job. But in mobile app both option trader & normal app seems to be overloaded. I have noticed some problems let me list here

1.Basic things like pinning of indices,there is no facility to pin the indices on watchlist page. It is very essential to track the market everytime.Now we are forced to add nifty,bank nifty & nifty financial et…

  1. In auto slicing / iceberg orders, we need manually adjust the number of orders. It will be better if the system automatically calculates the best no.of legs in iceberg.

3.Make the UI / UX much simpler. No fancy things are necessary in mobile trading app.It will improve the speed. Even the news,CA are not very much important than better trading experience. There are 1000 sources available in a click.

  1. Mainly rate refreshment issue is daily found in mobile app.To get the latest quote we need to manually refresh 3-4 times.

5.Margin required to be visible in tv.dhan.co. order form. @Dhan @AKM

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Hi @Narine

  1. On Dhan - one can all Indices snapshots directly to watchlist, it has all important data available for you, we even add it in a prebuilt Dhan FnO watchlist.
  2. Auto Slicing on Dhan is automatic, one just has option to manually over-ride it and set their own slices for evert trade.
  3. Dhan has good number of investors also, hence these features are available and well consumed. We keep a track of these things.
  4. Shouldn’t be the case unless there is connectivity issue. We faced this earlier when wifi networks particularly in offices were blocking the web-sockets - now its very rare. Dhan maintains live web-socket connective when browsing, if the connection drops, we attempt to reconnect in the background. A refresh is a force reset to connection.
  5. Yes, this is request from many users. We are trying to figure, limitations in TV library.

What about this feature ??

Would like to have separate groups for “Price Alerts”. As we have separate price alerts

To enter a stock,To exit a stock.To take fresh position when stock reach defined price, etc…

So it would be better to have separate price groups like separated Watchlist.

Please bring the option to connect Dhan as a broker on the Trading View mobile and iPad application (iPad is more important). Also bring the option to trade futures and options for both NSE and MCX directly from the TradingView App on mobile and iPad once you have Dhan connected as your broker. This would make your integration from good to great!

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pls provide price alert on email ;app and app notifications

Please bring the option to connect Dhan as a broker on the Trading View in Android tablets

Can you introduce webhook alerts on tv.dhan.com options charts? or can you make options available on in.tradingview.com ? So that we can apply open TV indicators and custom strategies on options charts + trigger alert based orders from TV directly from options charts?

When I go to Markets → Options → All Options to look for top options, there is no way to open those options charts in a new tab.

I have to either add them to a watch list or open them and then return to the page.

Can we also enable the chart link to open in a new tab?


There is an option to hide portfolio movement already but it hides everything: amount and percentage change. Please give an option to customise as per need. I wanna hide the amount and see the percentage change. Please look into it.

Hi, Can you add an Alert on P& L feature

## Suggestions : Facility to create multiple option strategy portfolio

I want to deploy multiple option strategies and do adjustments . But in the current situation If I want to deploy more than one strategy then all strategies are consolidated and treated as a single portfolio. This creates a problem when I want some adjustment for pacific strategy,Also I cannot analyze individual strategy . As an option trader we always do some calculations then take decisions . So if Dhan provides a facility to create multiple portfolios for each strategy then it will definitely solve many problems and user can do any adjustment without bothering about side effect . I hope I described this situation correctly and as an advanced platform Dhan will provide this facility very soon.