India’s largest Exports Commodities : March 2023

Being a vibrant economy, we have witnessed significant growth in our exports over the years.

We are soon going to reach multi billion dollar exports for certain commodities per month. Minerals and fuels dominate the market at $9.2B, followed by electrical equipment at $3.3B. Pearls and stones shine at $2.8B, while Coffe, tea, mate, and spices add flavor at $0.4B. Ores, slag, and ash complete the list at $0.4B.

India’s engineering goods sector, including machinery, electrical equipment, automobiles, and parts, has been witnessing significant export growth.

Few reasons I believe has been also policy changes by GOI like PLI schemes, ease of ding business initiatives, Make in India and more.

With its strengths in petroleum products, gems and jewelry, pharmaceuticals, textiles, agriculture, engineering goods, chemicals, and IT services, we continue to expand its global footprint.

This exports data is as of March 2023.

Do let us know your views, and which sector are you keen tracking ?