India's per GB cost of data lowest among its peers

The financials of JIO can never reflect the total value that it has created in India.

Let me tell you why.

Because of cheap data, we are able to easily stream OTT platforms, and watch cricket live. While we do this, the entertainment industry’s market got bigger and many could find employment!


Loads of upcoming actors/actresses who had to wait for 8-10 years to even get a small break in a film, easy access to OTT streaming helps them kickstart their careers faster. This, in turn, helps the entire production/post-production economy and generates more employment there.

Now, in the very same way, we can look at how it has helped the e-commerce platforms, gain traction and penetrate TIER-II cities, or for that matter, help us shift our transactions online. The whole success story of UPI couldn’t have been played out if it were not for the tailwinds of cheap data by telecommunication companies in India.

These industries are worth billions of dollars themselves and we can’t actually count the total no of industries where the impact has been created.

P.S. Comparing India’s per GB data cost vis-a-vis other countries. We’re winning by a big-big margin!