Margin Calculator for Currency & Commodity Derivatives

Please include margin calculator for different derivatives in currency & commodities segments.

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Hi @MonkInTrade, Welcome to Dhan community.

Feedback noted, we will build this. We usually suggest always looking at the margin tab for any script on Dhan, the latest margins are available on both - web and app platforms, and this is extended to all segments including currency & commodities.

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Yeah I have seen that. I have seen the brokerage calculator there. But it is always better to have all the margin calculations in a single page. I hope the features will be added very soon. All the best. Happy Diwali.

Thank you, and Happy Diwali to you too.

Noted this, will check feasibility on this. Just to add, the margin section will always be (near) real-time of the margin requirements and will match 99.9% of times as this directly comes from risk management systems.